Ultra Mel lunchbox snacks

Ultra-Mel-logoA child’s success in many areas, including school, can be affected by having a healthy school lunch. Packing a healthy school lunch for your child will benefit your child in many ways.

Ultra Mel is all about sharing the love, right? Remember to put a little yellow ray of sunshine in your loved one’s lunch box! The new Ultra Mel Mini is a delicious lunchbox snack that comes in a 125 ml pack with a straw for convenient sipping. Made with 80% milk, it’s ideal as a lunchbox treat, but because of its compact size and no need for refrigeration, the new Ultra Mel Mini can be enjoyed anywhere, any time.

Hop on the Ultra Mel bus with Teeny, Trixi, Giddy and Kylie and follow the magic of new Ultra Mel Mini. Click on the links below to download fun Maths, Science and Creative Arts worksheets and meet the Ultra Mel characters!

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