Grade 6: COOL TO BE ME Journal (Printed book)


COOL TO BE ME Journal (Printed book)
Grade 6

The COOL TO BE ME programme explores the crucial developmental challenge of this age group: identity. Understanding and accepting one’s identity is essential for the healthy development of resilient self-esteem, self-worth and the fostering of mutual respect within the peer group that encourages good decision making skills and positive attitudes.

Journal includes:
Colourful, fun and thought-provoking integration pages and activities that allow learners to more fully integrate the lesson; ‘stop and think’ sections that encourage honest self-reflection and problem solving; ‘with my family’ sections that stimulate healthy conversations and SEL development at home.

Can be used as content for the following CAPS Gr 6 Life Skills topics: Development of self: Positive self-esteem; Abilities, interests and potential; Peer pressure. Social responsibility: Caring for others, Gender stereotyping.
Used in conjunction with COOL TO BE ME Educator’s manual.