Grade 5: COOL TO CONNECT Educator’s manual (Printed book)


COOL TO CONNECT Educator’s manual (Printed book)
Grade 5

The COOL TO CONNECT programme focuses on teaching learners to be cyber-smart and make good decisions online, keeping digital communication fun and safe for themselves and their peers. From verbal and nonverbal communication to diplomacy and empathy, this programme covers all the important tools necessary for effective communication.

Manual includes:
12 x 1 hour lesson plans that can be broken down into 24 x 30 minute teaching cycles; teaching resources including printable appendices and classroom accessories freely accessible from the E-Classroom website.

Can be used as content for the following CAPS Gr 5 Life Skills topics: Development of self: Positive self-concept, Appropriate ways of giving and receiving feedback, Coping with emotions, Relationships with peers, older people and strangers, Coping with emotions.
Taught in conjunction with the COOL TO CONNECT journal, which is the learner resource for this programme.