Grade 4: COOL TO BE FRIENDS Educator’s manual (Printed book)


COOL TO BE FRIENDS Educator’s manual (Printed book)
Grade 4

The COOL TO BE FRIENDS programme facilitates the healthy development of intrapersonal and interpersonal skills between learners. It focuses specifically on teaching the values of kindness, respect and fairness. When we practise these values, we approach all people and animals in friendship and peacefully resolve fights, arguments or disagreements.

Manual includes:
12 x 1 hour lesson plans that can be broken down into 24 x 30 minute teaching cycles; teaching resources including printable appendices and classroom accessories freely accessible from the E-Classroom website.

Can be used as content for the following CAPS Gr 4 Life Skills topics: Development of self: Emotions, Personal experience of working in a group, Personal strengths, Dealing with conflict, Bullying.
Taught in conjunction with the COOL TO BE FRIENDS journal, which is the learner resource for this programme.