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BUILDING BLOCKS (Red) Feeling happy and safe series (Printed books)


BUILDING BLOCKS (Red) Feeling happy and safe series  (Printed books)
Age 5 – 8
A set of 4 printed books to be used in conjunction with the Building Blocks (Red) Educator’s Manual which is available as a printed book.

Sammy is a sensitive squirrel. One day she feels sad and runs away into the forest. Bru’me and Musa Monkey look everywhere for her and embark on a journey through the forest to learn an important lesson about feelings. The reader learns: It’s okay to feel mad or sad or happy as can be, because all my feelings are a part of me.

Bru’me finds himself in the sad, dull and grey Wangle Shamangle Land where no-one is allowed to share. Everything starts to change when he befriends a little girl and the whole Land is magically transformed through their courage. The reader learns: Everything begins to shine, when I decide to share what’s mine.

Being kind
Bru’Me brings a magic pouch filled with Dazzle Dust to school. Through his enchanting tricks everyone starts to share in the joy of kindness. Soon the whole school wants to know what he is up to and where they can get some Dazzle Dust. The reader learns: When we are kind to others, we become sisters and brothers.

My circle of love and support
Bru’Me and his friends find themselves floating in a bubble to a magical land where they meet Queen Luvalot. She takes them on a journey through Bubble-of-lovalot Land where they discover all about coping with challenges, love, support and beliefs. The reader learns: I feel strong, brave and safe as can be, because there’s always a circle of love around me.