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Worksheet Resources $40/year
Your child can study a British curriculum at Valenture online high school

Your child can study a British curriculum at Valenture online high school

Posted: 03 Sep 2020



Looking for a high school that sets your child up for success?
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Dear Parent/Guardian 

Education is evolving, and learners are adapting very quickly.

Learning online alongside global classmates, interacting with expert teachers and socialising with peers in breakout sessions and virtual clubs have become second-nature for today’s kids.
Looking for a school that offers all of this and more for your child?

We are pleased to introduce, and encourage you to consider the internationally-recognised, future-forward thinking, private online high school, Valenture Institute, for your child's secondary studies.   

Grade 8-13 learners can now study a British curriculum and attend a fully-fledged online-only high school where they’re able to attend class from anywhere in the world.

They can also choose one of the boutique campuses or micro-campuses offered by the school. Here, students attend campus by day and continue their studies alongside global classmates in live, online classes.

Campuses are kitted out with incredible and exclusive features and facilities for students - and have many perks for parents! Think on-demand transport, a grocery delivery service, a production space, and catered meals. 

Both offer access to cutting-edge online learning technology, flexibility for your family, mentor and learning coach support and access to future-forward teaching practices. 
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For the best student experience, the school limits the number of students per class and has a premium faculty-to-student ratio to ensure every student gets the attention they require and deserve.
Choose a school that sets your child up for success.
Yours in education,

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