Worksheet Resources $40/year
Worksheet Resources $40/year

March 2016

Posted: 08 Mar 2016

CPD Courses

It is a fact that great teachers help to build outstanding students. A motivating and knowledgeable teacher is the most important factor for influencing student accomplishment. It is therefore vital for teachers to have ongoing professional development, as this keeps them up-to-date about how students learn, new curriculum resources and evolving technology. The best professional development is ongoing, applied, collaborative and developed from working with students.

We are proud to offer our SACE Accredited Social and Emotional Learning Course:
This course highlights how SEL develops the limbic centre of the brain and promotes effective learning. SEL refers to a learner’s interpersonal (social) development with others while the emotional aspect relates to the learner’s intrapersonal development of self.

SEL – an essential classroom tool

Managing social and emotional issues, like bullying, disrespectful and disruptive behaviour and classroom anxiety, can be very challenging and time consuming for a teacher. It has a major impact on the quality of teaching, academic progress and performance, a teachers overall job satisfaction and a learner’s enjoyment of school.

It is within this context that Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) has captured the imaginations of academics, policy-makers and practitioners alike who suggest that SEL is the ‘missing piece’ in the quest to provide effective education for young learners and there is a significant amount of international research that gives SEL its credibility and transformational reputation.

Educators and practitioners who engage in SEL training and proactively teach broad-based SEL programmes can realistically expect to enjoy positive outcomes personally, in their classrooms and in the individual development of each learner.

Western Cape: We can now offer workshops at your school

These workshops are facilitated by Linda Bruce BECON (Stellenbosch) Industrial Psychology major; Published author; Creator and author of COOL TO BE ME SEL curriculum and Bettina Marais: B-Soc Sc. (Rhodes); Psych.Honours (Rhodes) MA Psych (NWU) – current.

A minimum of 10 teachers is required for each workshop. Workshops will be presented to Foundation Phase and Intermediate Phase teachers as separate workshops. Workshops are approx. 3 hours and there are 3 workshops in total.

Workshop 1: Introduction to the principle and practice of SEL – 3 hours
Workshop 2: Educator Personal SEL Development Workshop – 2 hours
Workshop 3: Integrating SEL into classroom management and establishing effective teaching practices that enhance SEL in the classroom – 3 hours

Cost per teacher R 500.00 per workshop (Teacher manuals to be purchased separately – eBook or printed versions available).

Should your school wish to book a workshop, please contact [email protected] for a booking form.


Under South African copyright law, viewing a film outside of the home is regarded a “public screening” requiring a public performance license from the rights holders. The use of films on school campuses, regardless of venue and audience size, whether an entrance fee is charged or not, whether for education or entertainment purposes, require permission from the copyright holders for each film screened.

The MPLC Umbrella License® gives school administrators legal peace of mind by removing the risk of criminal prosecution by granting the entire campus, its pupils, teachers, parents and visitors, a public performance license for unlimited screenings of legally obtained films, whether rented or privately owned, without the need to report which titles are being screened, how often they were screened, how or where they were screened, how many people attended, or whether an entrance fee was charged or not.

The Umbrella License® is an annual fee based on the school’s socio-economic standing and full-time enrolment. For pricing, or questions about our producers, the license, or any information regarding screening films in public, please contact the MPLC at (021) 465-6449 or email Liesl Ernst at [email protected]m. Or visit The application process is simple and the turnaround time to legal compliance is immediate.

Maths and Science revision

Don’t forget as holidays approach, to encourage your learners to make use of our revision papers to practise prior to exams. We have made them available from our mobi-site as well as the Google Play Store and AppStore. 

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