Worksheet Resources $40/year
Worksheet Resources $40/year

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Posted: 29 Aug 2022


Topics and Theme-based Options
We have been inundated with requests to offer a variety of topics, or theme-based options, for teachers and homeschoolers who would prefer not to buy an entire grade or subject. Our non-CAPS-curriculum visitors, who would like to purchase select content, can now also do so.

We have created bundles which cover specific topics or themes and we have indicated for which CAPS grades or ages the content is suitable, so you can mix and match and buy only what you need, whether you're following a curriculum like CAPS or IEB, or not. 

If you have bought a complete grade or subject this year, all (or most) of the bundled content will already be part of your purchase. We have indicated on each bundle where the content is also included, so that you don't end up buying it twice. 

There are bundles with and without video lessons as well as freebies! We also have a new shop that will help you find exactly what you want.
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CAPS topics will be offered separately, so you can choose which ones you want to include in your teaching.

So, if your child is coping with maths, but struggling with one section, you can purchase that section instead of the total grade or subject e.g. Common Fractions
Where video lessons are available, you will be given the option to purchase the bundle with the videos or, if you only want the worksheets, without. Memorandums are not always available, but are included where they are. If we add more memos during the year for a bundle you've purchased, you will have access to them at no extra charge.
Homeschoolers, who want to work through a novel with their child, now have the option to buy the literature section separately, with all the work has been done for you.

Our first literature extension is "King of Shadows", by Susan Cooper.
Theme-based sections, that can be used in any curriculum, will also be offered, and include valuable printable posters or editable, animated slide shows, like this Electricity bundle. 

E-Academy will now introduce Foundation Phase material too, and include Afrikaans Home and Second Language content.
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Each bundle will carry a grade reference based on the South African education system and an age-range reference. This age reference will guide those not familiar with the South African system on how suitable the content is for your child. The lower age being for early starters or children who are proficient in the subject, and the upper age for children who started that subject or grade later or need reinforcement.  

Downloading some of our free content will give you an idea of the difficulty of the content per grade or age.
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“The E-Academyonline content has greatly increased the impact we make on learning and understanding. From the very first day we started using it, it has significantly narrowed the gap between the classroom and the homework/aftercare space.”

Martmarié Cloete, The Legacy Centre, Kayamandi
“Thank you for the speedy follow up and the incredible work you all do on the site. It makes my work so much easier."

Lilian Gilmour

"PS When we had a department visit last year, they were very impressed with the tasks and the variety I had done. I told them that I use E-Classroom. Woohoo!”
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This is a trial offer until the 15 December 2022, and we welcome all constructive feedback. Let us know which bundles you would like to see.
Thank you for your continued support.

Yours in Education, 
The E-Classroom Team

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