Worksheet Resources $40/year
Worksheet Resources $40/year

Exam Practice Resources PLUS Discounts on Bundled Resources

Posted: 27 Sep 2023



Grade Bundles Discounted!
As we approach the end of another remarkable year, we're excited to bring you some fantastic news that will light up your academic journey!

At E-Classroom, we're committed to providing you with the best educational resources to help your learners succeed in their studies. We are thrilled to announce our year-end promotion discounts on our educational bundles! 

From Grades 4-8, our bundles are curated to cover a wide range of subjects, ensuring learners have access to high-quality resources tailored to their needs. These resources include video lessons with worksheets and assessments and have been significantly reduced to help learners succeed in their final year-end exams! 

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Exam Prep?
We've got you covered!

To further support your learner's academic goals, we've added a comprehensive collection of end-of-year practice papers to help learners excel in their upcoming exams. These resources are designed to mimic the format and difficulty level of actual exams, providing the learner with a realistic testing experience that will boost confidence and preparedness.

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To ensure learners are well-prepared and confident in exams, CASIO, our Maths partner, has generously provided us with top-notch worksheets to help learners in Grades 7-12, understand and master those tricky maths concepts during exams. Their scientific calculators have been a trusted companion for learners and will ensure they’re fully equipped to conquer the exams! 
Discover CASIO's worksheets and video tutorials here: 
GR 7 GR 8 GR 9 GR 10 GR 11 GR 12

How-to Video Tutorials

PLUS!! Win a CASIO Exam Hamper!
CASIO is generously gifting an exam hamper
to ONE lucky person to the value of R1 500, which includes
a CA-53W-1 Data Bank,
a fx-82ZA Plus II Scientific Calculator
and a top-notch Maths Set.

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for all the details.

Video Lessons,
Worksheets, Memos


Prefer Worksheets
& Memos only?


We send our heartfelt wishes to all learners for a restful holiday break and urge them to utilise our resources for their studies during this period to succeed in their upcoming exams.

Yours in Education,
The E-Classroom Team

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