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Grade 8 - 12 Resources

High school contains those critical five years before entering university, college or the workplace. Choosing subjects at school is an important part of a learner’s life, as they take the first steps on the path of their potential future career. Ensure your child is making the most of the resources available on the E-Classroom website, in conjunction with their school resources. Allow them to consider what subjects they enjoy and are passionate about and choose subjects that will help them towards a career they are interested in. Learners are far more likely to succeed in subjects they enjoy than in those they don’t!

To be able to qualify for a NSC Matric at South African schools, 7 subjects are required in total with the minimum pass rate for each:
• Two official languages, at least one at Home Language level
• Mathematical Literacy or Pure Mathematics
• Life Orientation
• Minimum of 3 subjects from the NSC approved subjects

In order to qualify for a National Senior Certificate, a learner must achieve:
• A minimum rating of 40% or more in 3 subjects. One of the 3 subjects must be an official language at Home Language level. If 40% is not achieved, then a learner will not pass matric.
• A learner can fail the First Additional Language and still pass, provided their overall average is above 33 1/3 %.

Higher Certificate Pass:
• A minimum 40% for 3 subjects (one of which must be a Home Language), a minimum of 30% for a further 3 subjects, and fail (less than 30%) a 7th subject. Learners may not fail First Additional Language. IMPORTANT: Even if a learner achieves 6 A’s, but fails the 7th subject (i.e. gets less than 30%), the learner will only achieve a Higher Certificate Pass.

Diploma Pass:
• A minimum of 40% for 4 subjects (one of which must be a Home Language), and a minimum of 30% for the other 3 subjects. IMPORTANT: Learners cannot fail any subject (get a final mark of less than 30%)

Bachelor’s Pass:
• A minimum of 50% for 4 subjects, and a minimum of 30% for the other 3 subjects (learners must achieve a minimum of 40% for a Home Language and a minimum of 30% for a First Additional Language). The Bachelor’s Pass is the best pass to qualify a learner to study at any tertiary institution in South Africa, as long as the learner has met the requirements for that particular degree or diploma.
• A minimum rating of 30% or more in 3 other subjects.