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E-classroom began its journey in response to a desperate need from teachers and parents for good quality support material that is 100% CAPS aligned. All our worksheet content is thoroughly researched and written by educators at the top of their chosen field.

All children have the right to quality education, and our business ethos focuses on providing affordable resources to all schools, parents and learners, through the following platforms:.

  1. Our worksheet platform lightens the load for teachers and parents by providing worksheet and lesson plan support. Content is produced as and when funding is made available for each learning area. We are always hard at work developing new modules or adding to existing material. This free offering is developed for Grades R-12.
  1. Our knowledge-based test papers is an interactive platform offering maths and science test papers with mock exams and real time results. This was created to assist the learner and is available for a nominal fee of R30 for 10 test papers. There are no ‘forced’ bundles – you choose the papers you want to and do not have to spend all your credit at once. The tests are interactive and responsive, allowing learners to input their answers, measure their response time to questions and receive their results on completion. It is an invaluable revision and study tool and we will continue to grow this platform with additional subjects.

Furthermore, a full biography on each contributor is available so that you are assured of the quality of this offering.

What is CAPS and can other curriculums benefit from the site?

Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS) is the curriculum prescribed by the Department of Education for use in all public schools. It offers a structured and detailed outline of what educators must teach learners in each Grade, year and term. It was designed to ensure teachers are getting through the curriculum in the prescribed amount of time and that learners are properly prepared for final examinations in their matric year.

According to the DBE, while schools may approach the curriculum differently, in that some schools may choose to extend the offering by assigning more projects or activities than other schools, the basics outlined in the CAPS documents must be adhered to.

These documents are available for perusal online and it is in the interests of every parent to acquaint themselves with the guidelines and to know exactly what their child should be learning in the classroom.

Private schools in South Africa can choose to follow CAPS, IEB or Cambridge curriculums. The material offered on this website will benefit all curriculums. It is how the content is structured, rather than the content itself that differentiates the curriculums. The basic principles covered mathematics, languages and the sciences remains the same across all curriculums.

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