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E-Classroom began its journey in response to a desperate need from teachers and parents for good quality educational support resources. All our resources are written by subject specialists at the top of their chosen field.

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  • Dealing with Bullying

    Dealing with Bullying

    Posted 28 Jan 2020

    Bullying takes many forms and is a deceptive and destructive experience to cope with. Equipping children and teens to recognise, expose and confron...

  • What Grit is and How to Develop it

    What Grit is and How to Develop it

    Posted 06 Jan 2020

    The quality of grit is portrayed well in the Japanese proverb: "Fall down seven times, stand up eight."   In her best-selling book Grit: Why pass...

  • Developing Social Skills in Children and Teens

    Developing Social Skills in Children and Teens

    Posted 21 Oct 2019

    Although we value independence highly in our society, research actually shows that genuine caring and support is the most important resilience-buil...

  • Top nutrition tips for exams

    Top nutrition tips for exams

    Posted 15 Oct 2019

    As exams loom, late nights, stress and quick food fixes all play havoc with your ability to concentrate, take in information and the function of yo...

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We are a fun, passionate group of people who live, eat and sleep everything education! We develop high quality resources that combines proficiency and skills for all learners in Grades R-12. We keep the same look and feel so that our resources are recognised everywhere! Our team loves to stay in tune with changing trends in the education industry so we can help teachers and learners realise their full potential.

E-Classroom is based in Cape Town, South Africa and we work together with subject specialists to offer first-class online resources for teachers and learners. Our easy-to-navigate website also enables parents to become involved in their children’s learning experience. We are committed to helping learners reach their goals in an innovative environment and to making a difference in education.

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We’re on a personal mission to develop the best educational resources for you. Today, our learning community comprises over 250 000 users and we aim to improve education in the lives of many more in the years to come.