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Learners want more interactivity and control over their learning experience – and now you can give it to them with the e-Classroom Maths & Science Revision Papers app and mobi site for Grades 7 – 12.

The revision papers can be used on computer desktops and on mobile devices, providing a platform for learners to practise their knowledge on test papers and receive immediate results. They can proceed at their own pace and choose their own learning paths, and the instant feedback lets them know exactly what subject areas they’re good at and what still needs a bit of attention.

How it works

All the revision material has been developed by top text book writers and teachers following the South African CAPS curriculum. The platform breaks Grades 7 – 12 Maths and Science subjects down into bite sized learning topics that align with what is being covered in the classroom each term. Learners select the papers they want to complete and then answer the questions, and the platform then works out their marks and highlights correct and incorrect answers. The end result for the learners is a boost in confidence and the satisfaction of being in control of their studies, with fewer surprises waiting for them in their exams.

See some example questions in the slideshow below!
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Get the mobile app through the Google play store (Apple coming soon). Or access the papers from your desktop through the E-Classroom Desktop mobi site.

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The platform provides a range of test papers by grade and subject (Grades 7 – 12). Each paper has approximately 20 Questions and costs R4. You pay using credits purchased from within the platform, with a minimum purchase of R40.

Secure online payment is handled by PayFast.

How to get it

Begin by signing up using one of the buttons below – choosing either Android, Apple (coming soon) or Desktop. Note that the account you create for the Revision app is not the same as your account for the general E-classroom site. You need to create a new account for each learner who will be using the app.

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Once you’ve created your account, you can use the details to sign in on any one of the other options as well, giving you the ability to use the same account on different devices.


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