Grade 4 Natural Sciences & Technology AFRIKAANS

CAPS worksheets for Grade 4 Natural Sciences and Technology – AFRIKAANS
Natuurwetenskappe en Tegnologie. Free downloadable worksheets and resources for teachers and parents.

Term 1
Living and Non-Living Things
Structures of plants and animals
What plants need to grow
Habitats of animals
  • Different habitats
  • Need for a habitat
Structures for animal shelters
  • Animal shelters
Term 2
Materials around us
Solid materials
Strengthening materials
Strong frame structures
  • Struts and frame structures
  • Indigenous structures
Term 3
Energy and Energy transfer
Energy around us
  • Energy (coming soon)
  • Input and output energy
Movement and Energy in a system
  • Movement and musical instruments
Energy and Sound
  • Vibrations and sound
  • Making sounds
  • Noise pollution
Term 4
Planet Earth
  • Features of the Earth
  • Earth and space
The Sun
  • Our closest star
The Earth and the Sun
  • Moving around the Sun (coming soon)
  • The Sun and life
The Moon
  • Features of the Moon
  • Phases of the Moon
  • Moon stories
Rocket systems
  • Modelling a rocket

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