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Inspire learning at school and at home with our e-learning resources for Grades R-12. You’ll find an ever-expanding supply of CAPS-aligned worksheets, lesson plans and support material – and it’s all absolutely FREE for South African users (international users pay a small fee). Begin by browsing Primary School or High School resources. When you’re ready to join up, simply click the REGISTER button near the top right of every page.

Plus – get our Interactive Revision Papers and purchase Maths and Science practice exams that provide learners with instant feedback on their progress. There’s no better way to prepare for an exam than by acing a practice test!

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Fees Must Fall, by Damba Kuombera http://dambakuombera.tumblr.com

#FeesMustFall highlights challenges and opportunities

The big news in South Africa this past week has been the countrywide #FeesMustFall protests against the high costs of tertiary education. The protests were sparked by anger over double digit increases for next year’s tuition fees, and soon escalated into a protest against all fees, with some students demanding free education for all.  Read more.

The e-classroom CAPS aligned revision papers app for mobile and desktop

Interactive revision papers now available!

Just launched – our interactive platform offering Math and Science revision papers with mock exams and real time results. These have been developed by top text book writers and teachers and align to the CAPS curriculum. Each subject is broken down into bite sized learning topics which align to what the student is learning in the classroom each term. Read more.

School Hero: Lakhe Mdeliswe of Cedarberg Primary Port Elizabeth

Every month we highlight a teacher or learner who gets a gold star for being a hero in their school, community or home. This month it’s Lakhe Mdeliswe from Cedarberg Primary in Port Elizabeth. Lakhe is a grade 7 pupil who collects clothes and distributes them to children in the community. This was a project that she started on her own after seeing children with worn-out clothes and deciding she wanted to help them. Read more.

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